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The emotional aspect of documenting people and places or even events is what we look for while we maintain the integrity of it all, its not just images these are stories of people and places that will live on through our lens.

South Dakota

Two years ago, I spent a month near Porcupine, South Dakota, one of a few small towns scattered across the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I had heard so many statistics, had read about a failing society - but I discovered so much more to that place. I was overcome by the wide-open space, the beautiful light and the haunting, low sound of the prairie. Part of me was jealous. I wondered, did the natives of that land appreciate it, did they notice the beauty and depth of their surroundings? But I got to know some people, a few men from the Oglala Lakota tribe, and I discovered that they were profoundly attached to that soil; they told me about the sacred Black Hills and about a profound connection to the earth. They told me the

story of creation.

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Najd - Saudi Arabia


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Arabian Horses 

They were small horses, even though their perfect conformation made them look larger.  Their ears were small and delicately pointed, set wide apart as were their eyes.  Their necks were slender and long, flowing nobly into their short wide backs from which floated luxurious tails.  Even at a walk, they seemed to soar, their hooves barely touching the ground before they came down again.

                                                            The Black Stallion Mystery

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The Creek

When asked about where I live the reaction is always with amazement, no one can deny that Dubai has become an icon of modernity and futuristic aspiration but for me, Dubai exists by the creek or al Khoor as its called here, the place where it all started and where most immigrants reside, its not just the aesthetics of the place but also the sense of diversity in a different flavor  a flavor that I happen to like, this place is an obvious contrast to the high buildings and the cosmopolitan scene, it almost feels as if its a different country within a city within a country. here are images of some people you might come across.

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A Part of Me

The drive back to the hotel took a few hours, my mind was racing and my body was numb I don’t remember the traffic in and around Kampala hearing the horror stories of these women had left me in utter awe, the kind of evil some of us are capable of is beyond comprehension. These women were all determent to live their life, succeed at it and move on. The scars were just a part of who they are and they wore them proudly. Proud to have survived, proud to have overcome the pain and proud to continue living. even when I was taking their pictures they were posing for me showing their scars as if they were their best features.

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In My Building

The Studio sits in the heart of Dubai with access to everything around, its somewhat of a modern building and then again everything in my area is about 10 years old or younger, most of these building as any other building in Dubai has a small army of workers security, maintenance and of course management, I always try to make a point to greet them but as we all do at one point or another … I walk by them blindly it's not that I feel their insignificance or that I am so absorbed in my life may it be personal or professional, I honestly think as a bad as it may sound that they become a part of the structure, having realized how awful  that sound I have decided that I will invite them to the studio ask them their name and hear something about their life ….. and yes take a picture of them something they can send back to their loved one.

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As a part of initiative, we traveled to Lebanon, our main objective was to promote the work of one of the local nonprofits that look after Syrian refugees here are a few images of the kids in one of the camps 

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